Drake has an OVO Topszn Johnny Manziel shirt

Drake Johnny Manziel shirt

How tight is Johnny Manziel with Drake’s crew? Drake has created a special longsleeve shirt for the quarterback.

On Saturday, Draka shared a photo on his “Champagne Papi” Instagram account of him and four members of his crew wearing a longsleeve T-shirt with the No. 2 on it. That, of course, was Manziel’s number at Texas A&M.

The shirts look just like the jerseys Manziel wore at A&M. They have shadow lettering and stripes down the sides just like Johnny Football’s Aggies jersey. There is a maple leaf on the right shoulder (Drake is Canadian and embraces the maple leaf logo), and on the left shoulder, where the jersey would have an “SEC” logo, it says “SZN.” SZN is short for Topszn, which is a type of marijuana Drake’s crew likes and has become one of his crew’s sayings. You can read all about Johnny Manziel and Topszn here.

The back of the jersey says “The Regime,” which is another catch phrase for Drake’s crew. They always talk about Topszn being “The Regime.”

Johnny Manziel Drake regime

So if we all thought that Manziel was a Drake fanboy based on this story, I think this shirt is a pretty strong sign that the respect and relationship between them is more than mutual.

Photos Instagram/Champagne Papi 1, 2

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  • TeniGH

    Your explanation of what “topszn” means is in conflict with the explanation that Drake gave on ESPN when he spent almost a day going from show to show for short interviews. Also, if you look at OB O’brien and Ryan Silverstein’s (OVORyan) twitter accounts from the fall of a couple of years ago, you will see their very first discussion of “topszn” and it in no way implies any type of drug or substance. It was used more as a branding term or concept for their developing group (think Mayweather’s “TMT”…The Money Team). The two of them had just met/collaborated. This was a few months before OB even became a part of Drake’s crew.

    Keep in mind that sometimes Mary Jane can be a girl’s name or a type of shoe. In this case, you imply that Manziel, Drake, and the multitude of pro athletes (Jennings, LeBron, etc.) who now do the “topszn” sign on national tv are celebrating a recreational drug.
    Oh, well. Gets you hits, I guess.