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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Drew Pearson Rips Dirk Nowitzki for Tony Romo Advice: ‘This Ain’t Basketball’

Stand back, Cowboys fans.  Drew Pearson is on the war path.  No matter how long it takes or how many people he has to blast along the way, the former Dallas receiver is determined to get through to this underachieving collection of talent that could one day become a team.  Pearson will not stand for anyone getting in between him and ripping on the Cowboys.  That even goes for you, Dirk Nowitzki.

On Monday, the day after Tony Romo threw three second-half interceptions against the Lions, Nowitzki offered the Cowboys quarterback a few words of encouragement.  Pearson’s message for the NBA Finals MVP: Knock it off — this is a real game.

“Hey Dirk, this is football, this ain’t basketball,” Pearson told KESN-FM’s Ben and Skin Show via Game On!. “This is a real game where a lot of emotions play a lot more heavily into what you’re doing out there as a professional. I respect Dirk, there’s no question, and I know where he’s coming from because he has sustained the criticism and now the criticism has stopped because they won an NBA championship. So what he should be telling Tony is if you want to stop the criticism, quit making those kinds of mistakes and lead your team to a championship.”

While the “this is a real game” portion of Pearson’s comments was probably uncalled for, he has a point.  If Dirk still hadn’t won a championship I doubt he would be telling Tony, “I get crapped on all the time too but just keep doing what you’re doing.” Nowitzki hushed his doubters the only way you can — by winning.  Until Romo learns to protect the ball with the game on the line, he will not be able to do that.

Helmet smack to Sportress of Blogitude for the story.

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