Earl Thomas walks out of interview with me after getting upset with question (Video)

Earl Thomas is arguably the best safety in the NFL and top player on the Seattle Seahawks’ stellar defense, but there’s a reason why he’s one of the quiet members of the Legion of Boom — especially compared to Richard Sherman.

Thomas doesn’t quite have that same media savvy as his outspoken teammate.

LBS attended the red carpet event for the 9th annual All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party at the Montrian Hotel on Monday and had the chance to interview Thomas. The only problem is the interview didn’t last very long; Thomas got upset with one of my questions and walked away.

Earl ThomasThe nature of the questions were pretty simple: Thomas is in line to return punts this season for the Seahawks, so I asked him if he was looking forward to the extra responsibility. He got excited and said he was looking forward to scoring some touchdowns, which led to a natural follow-up — does he have any TD celebrations planned?

Thomas is also competing with Sherman for punt returning duties on the team, so I asked who the better punt returner is. Based on how Thomas was acting at the beginning of the interview — talking about us filming his good side and being excited about scoring touchdowns — I thought he would give a playful answer. Instead, he got upset, accused me of trying to start some drama, and walked away.

Sorry, Earl, I was just trying to have some fun, not start trouble.

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  • Boots & Bowties

    Don’t know why he got upset t as I don’t think you meant any harm whatsoever. I’m curious as to why Earl thought that. Granted, I think the question was pointless but he’s sensitive. It’s not like you asked why an ex-gf cheated or something.

  • SpinMax

    He got BUTTSLSAMMMED11!!

  • Arsen Dadyan

    brownieeeee you shouldn’t have stuttered towards the end and just been straight up with him…your nickname is TNT…cuz you know DRAMA!!! Those are 2 valid questions to ask…Thomas is just mad that he can’t be honest and say that Sherman is the better player because his contract is coming up for renewal and if he says that Sherman is the better player, then he won’t get that Sherman $$$ anywhere else in the league. Thomas just showed that it doesn’t matter which angle you videotape him..he has NO GOOD SIDE!!

  • erindours

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