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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ed Hochuli did not say referees were stretching our balls (Video)

Ed Hochuli ballsEd Hochuli gave a detailed explanation for why there was no delay of game penalty called on the New Orleans Saints early in the fourth quarter on Monday night, and it sounded like he said something pretty inappropriate and funny.

“We didn’t let the team go because we were stretching our balls,” it sounded like Hochuli said.

The only thing is he most likely said we were “switching out balls,” but it came out funny over the microphone.

“It’s a good thing his microphone works tonight, because he’s giving us some great explanations,” analyst Jon Gruden said, receiving chuckles from Mike Tirico.

Good to know that Gruden and Tirico are bigger 5-year-olds than the rest of us children.

Vine video via Tim Burke

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