Eddie Lacy knocked out with concussion after Brandon Meriweather hit

Eddie Lacy concussionGreen Bay Packers rookie running back Eddie Lacy was knocked out of Sunday’s Week 2 game against the Washington Redskins after being hit in the head by safety Brandon Meriweather.

Lacy rushed for 10 yards on the team’s opening drive, but he was hit in the head by Meriweather, who is notorious for being a headhunter. Lacy hurdled a man to get some extra yardage, and Meriweather launched himself at Lacy head-first, making helmet-to-helmet contact.

Meriweather was blasted two years ago for his constant illegal hits. He even admitted that he was taught to leave his feet and go head-first on tackles. He’s obviously been unable to break that habit, and it cost him later in the game.

Meriweather left in the second quarter after laying another helmet-to-helmet hit. He nailed James Starks but suffered the worst of it and left with a concussion.

GIF via Deadspin

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  • SpinMax

    So who are these coaches who taught him to lead with his head? Coaches have been lecturing for generations to see what you hit, and wrap up and tackle. Seriously, was this in college? I’d like him to show me tapes from practice where they were launching headfirst into tackling sleds. I call BS on this every time

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It wasn’t coaches, it was like his family or the people who taught him how to play like in the yard. I think they hung punching bags and had him launch himself at them.

  • Scott

    He should be gone for the year come on NFL do your job!