Eli Manning, Peyton Manning make incredible rap video for DirecTV

Eli-Manning-rap-videoAfter seeing this, I’m officially thinking about making the switch back to DirectTV. Peyton Manning and Eli Manning recently starred in a rap video to promote DirectTV’s Sunday Ticket Max, which allows you to access their NFL package on your smart phone, tablet, and similar devices.

Yes, I said a rap video. Actually, it was more like R&B. Simply put, there’s literally nothing I can say to make this funnier than it already is. Just watch the video. If you’re disappointed when you’re done, there might be something wrong with you. Whatever DirecTV paid the Manning brothers to make this promotion, it wasn’t enough.


PS: Watch out, Golf Boys. Your music videos are hilarious, but the Manning brothers are coming.

Video via USA Today

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  • David

    I tried to like it. I tried to laugh. I even tried to smile. I couldn’t do it.

  • RebelFlag

    The Mannings can do it all!

  • anonCamb

    Exactly! If you didn’t find this hysterical, go see a doctor! There’s something wrong with you! I’m sorry, but this was SO FUNNY. Love Eli and Peyton. Seriously love them