Eli Manning Takes Five Steps Back

Eli Manning sadWell four to be exact, or three if you want to get specific. But seriously, is there anything more exhilarating than watching Eli Manning fail? I know it’s not nice to gloat over another’s shortcomings, but hey, sometimes you can’t help it (isn’t there even a German word for it, too?). And in the case of Eli, does anyone play the role of the loser better than him? He’s just like Worm rolling with Mikey. It’s great. And if you’re curious, a great deal of the hostility you’re detecting is the result of Eli’s cocky attitude upon being selected by San Diego — what a brat.

Getting back to business, just when Eli seemed to be moving forward in his career, he goes out and confuses the thousands in attendance who thought they were watching a Manning play QB, but wound up seeing worse than Tavarris Jackson. Yes, Eli was outplayed by Tavarris. Matter of fact, Eli’s three touchdown performance — for the Vikings — could have been the worst game played by a QB all year. Isn’t it games like that where you fake an injury just to spare embarrassment? How could you play so poorly at home? Now the Giants are 7-4 and heading right back into typical Coughlin second half season style. 9-7 here they come, led by Eli who continues to underwhelm.

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  • Observer

    Dont be so harsh on Eli about the whole San Diego thing. Word is that his dad Archie was the one pushing for the NY trade. Eli was a kid, 22, just coming out of college. It would have been hard for him to push back against his dad at a time like that.

    Cut him a little slack .

    And hey, Phillip Rivers ain’t exactly tearing up the league either now , is he ?

  • Ron Cook

    Eli Manning .. 10,ooo,ooo larry Brown .. Zero

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