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Friday, April 20, 2018

Eric Mangini Fines Players Thousands for Minor Hotel Incidental Charges

eric-manginiWe’ve already established how highly Eric Mangini thinks of himself and how he really hasn’t earned the right to be as big of a prick as he is (not that anyone should but Belichick, Parcells at least have earned it). Not only is he secretive with the media regarding personnel moves (only to get blasted by the Vikings), but he also was fined for leaving Brett Favre off the injury report, and he got off on poor footing with his new team by demanding the rookies take a 10-hour bus trip to work his football camp. The worst of all might just be this story relayed by Michael Silver via PFT:

Mangini’s latest, according to the source: One player was fined $1,701 (the maximum allowed under the CBA) because he failed to pay for a $3 bottle of water he’d consumed at a hotel while the team was on the road.

Apparently Mangini hasn’t read the handbook titled How to Endear Yourself to Your Players. Why wouldn’t they just deduct the three spot out of the guy’s paycheck or something? What the heck kind of math is that? I’m sure you can see why players will be ripping down the doors in Cleveland to come play for the Browns during free agency, right? I mean who wouldn’t want to go play for Mangini? I bet you this is going to be the most famous water bottle since the Mike Vick incident.

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