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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Evan Mathis tweets $64k dinner bill from Del Frisco’s

Evan Mathis Del Frisco's receipt

Those Philadelphia Eagles appear to be huge fans of Del Frisco’s Steakhouse in Philly.

Less than a week after Lane Johnson tweeted a picture of a receipt for an $18k dinner at Del Frisco’s, fellow offensive lineman Evan Mathis tweeted a picture of a $64k bill!

After receiving some backlash, Johnson clarified that the team’s rookies were not forced to pay for the dinner and that he was treating his fellow offensive lineman. Mathis didn’t tweet many details, but he did say “teaching rookies a lesson.”

We’re guessing Mathis was just joking around about the rookie crack, and for that matter, knowing his prank style, he could have been totally faking this whole thing.

Even if this is just a prank by Mathis, it’s not often that we see a $64,000 dinner, so let’s break down this bill to see how they racked up those astronomical charges. For starters, it was a party of 16 according to the receipt, and most of the dough was spent on high-priced alcohol.

– Only $1,530.50 was spent on food ($180 of that was spent on dessert), $183 on side dishes, and the majority on steaks)
– $55,227 was spent on booze ($39,000 was spent on 18 bottles of wine alone)

Someone bought an iced tea for $4. They were charged $3 for caramelized onions. Shoot, when they’re spending that much, you would figure they could just throw in the onions and iced tea for free, but that’s just me.

For $64k, I just hope it was the meal of their lives for whoever was dining. And for what it’s worth, when LBS called Del Frisco’s Thursday night, the person who answered seemed pretty certain that nobody from the Eagles was there that evening.

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