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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Falcons on Being Called Dirt Bags: Maybe We Should Brand that Nickname

You didn’t expect the Falcons to care that the Giants and other teams have accused them of playing dirty, did you? If playing cheap has helped Atlanta get to the playoffs and kept their Super Bowl hopes alive, they aren’t going to stop now. Chances are Justin Tuck was just looking to work the refs when he called the Falcons offensive line a bunch of dirt bags earlier this week, but the birds aren’t letting it bother them.

“Maybe we should start branding this and make a profit in the New York market,” Falcons tackle Will Svitek joked according to the NY Daily News. “Maybe it’s an opportunity. Who knows (why Tuck said it)? We don’t get upset about it. We might joke about it, the whole dirt bag comment, but who knows? We’re always going to be there. We want them to know we’re there because if you don’t play to the whistle, they’re going to be taking shots. We don’t view it as cheap. We view it as physical. If that’s his point of view, so be it.”

Atlanta is not bothered by the accusations — nor should they be.  I’m not advocating dirty play if they have indeed been playing that way, but you don’t start worrying about your style of play when the playoffs start.

The Giants like to talk, so the Falcons would do well to just keep quiet and let them do their thing.  As cliche as it sounds, the games are won on the field.  The Giants like to try to win them during the week, too.

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