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Monday, June 18, 2018

Falcons Fans Burn Michael Vick Jersey Before Game (Picture)

Michael Vick remains a polarizing figure in Atlanta. The former Falcons franchise quarterback was beloved by the city. He let down the fans by engaging in illegal dog fighting which resulted in a lengthy prison sentence. Some fans still love Vick, but others in Atlanta are not as forgiving. Some of those angry fans decided to burn an old Michael Vick Falcons jersey in the parking lot prior to Sunday night’s Eagles-Falcons game:

Now I know what’s on your mind at this point … how did a Mets trash can end up in the picture? I can’t answer that question for you, except I will say that everything seems to go wrong for the Mets.

As for Vick, he now joins an exclusive club. Jay Cutler, Brett Favre, and LeBron James have all had their burned jerseys featured here at LBS. That’s some impressive company.

Picture Credit: Brett McMichael on Twitter
Thanks to Sports Feeder 1 for the tip

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