Favre Finding New Ways To Make a Big Deal of Himself

Does Brett Favre really have no idea if he’s retiring or not every off-season, or does he just like creating a buzz about himself?  As he ponders whether or not to have minor ankle surgery which would allow him to play for the Vikings next season, Favre seems to be getting creative in finding ways to keep the media talking about another potential return.  It already seems like ten years have passed since the once teary-eyed quarterback announced his playing days were over, only to promptly unretire and yell his way out of Green Bay.

The Mississippi boy has seemingly found a way to kill two birds with one stone this time — motivate the Southern Miss baseball team to succeed while placing yet another stipulation on his return to football.  Favre reportedly told the Golden Eagles on Thursday that if they reach the College World Series — which would be an impressive feat considering they are currently 30-20 and in danger of missing the postseason — he will return to play for the Vikings next season.

Big deal.  Sure, this might be fun for the college kids playing for Southern Miss, but to the common fan (or, at least, to me) this is a continuation of the charade that has led to people resenting Favre and growing tired of his back-and-forth routine every off-season.  In his defense, I suppose he didn’t ask for this story to be run as headline news, but something tells me he doesn’t mind.  Let’s all cross our fingers the Golden Eagles can somehow secure a spot in the CWS.  After all, we wouldn’t want to run out of things to talk about.

Favre hangs NFL future on CWS [AP/ESPN]

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  • http://diaryofatiredblackman.wordpress.com/ Cal

    I’m getting sick of the Brett Favre show. move on guy

  • TFear

    I’d Like to see Favre retire, that way he will officially deserve the nickname, Mr. Interception, since his last passes for, both the Packers and the Vikes will have been horrible passes that were picked and, in each case, cost his teams a trip to the SuperBowl. Not positive, but I believe that one of his last passes for the Jets was, also a pick that may have cost the Jets a chance at a playoff spot. He was a blast to watch play, because you never knew what he was going to come up with, but, man he made way too many bad decisions/throws at the most inopportune times to ever be considered one of the best QB’s ever. Most fun though, absolutely.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I’m sure that’s exactly what each Southern Miss player has in mind before taking the field — gotta win this one for Brett.