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Monday, June 18, 2018

Former Patriots teammates reportedly felt Aaron Hernandez was a loner

Aaron HernandezThe New England Patriots had nothing but positive things to say about Aaron Hernandez during his three seasons with the team, but the truth is starting to surface now that so many have gone digging for it. One common theme that seems to keep popping up about the 23-year-old is that he spent very little time with his teammates off the field.

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald claims to have spoken with several sources who have “direct ties to Hernandez and the locker room.” While he may have looked like a fun-loving guy in interviews and during games, Hernandez was reportedly a loner who didn’t hang out with teammates outside the Patriots’ facility.

“No one hung out with him,” a source reportedly told Howe. “No one.”

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Another source said Hernandez opted for spending time with his “network” from his hometown of Bristol, Conn. over any of the Patriots players.

“Out of 53 guys, surely there’s someone you could find to hang out with,” the source said. “Instead, he chose to revert to his network from his hometown.”

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While some of Hernandez’s teammates say they were concerned with the crowd he associated with, no one ever imagined it would led to a murder charge or anything even close.

“I could see him being involved only because of his background, but would have never thought to this extent,” a former teammate reportedly said.

Again, this has become a common theme. Former Patriots captain Matt Light said before Hernandez was arrested that he never embraced anything the tight end believed in. All of these reports about the shady characters Hernandez hung around with make it less believable that he does not have any gang affiliations.

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