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Thursday, April 26, 2018

FOX Screws Up Downs at End of Redskins-Buccaneers Game Because of Chain Gang

Yes, that FOX graphic from the Redskins-Buccaneers game showed that it was 4th and 4 for the Redskins. The play in progress was a pass from Donovan McNabb that slipped out of Fred Davis’ hands and should have ended the game. Only it didn’t.

What happened was FOX made a mistake on a 1st and 10 play from the 12. Donovan McNabb completed a 10-yard pass to Anthony Armstrong to the two that gave the team another 1st and 10. FOX thought it was a 9-yard pass leaving them with a 2nd and 1 (and it was, the chain gang helped the Skins by shortening the first down distance by a yard). There was an incomplete pass to Roydell Williams and a run by Ryan Torain that lost four yards. It set up a 3rd and goal situation that according to FOX’s downs was a decisive 4th and 4.

Many people were confused, and I had thought the game was over with a 17-10 final after the incompletion to Davis. I was pleased because that was one of Doc Brown’s Top 3 selections for the week. The only problem is the Buccaneers were not celebrating as if they had won the game, and the Skins weren’t sulking as if they had lost. It’s because they didn’t, and they really had one last crack at the end zone.

On their real 4th and goal play, Donovan McNabb hit Santana Moss for a touchdown. The Skins blew the extra point on a high snap, giving Tampa Bay a 17-16 win. It may have been a loss for all I care since it screwed up Doc’s Top 3. Thanks to FOX for getting my hopes up … and then letting me down, all because of the chain gang.

UPDATE: The mistake was apparently created by the chain gang which awarded the Redskins a first down when they shouldn’t have.

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