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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fran Tarkenton rips RG3, says he will be out of football


Robert Griffin III may not be with the Washington Redskins next season, but will he find success elsewhere in the NFL? Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton doesn’t think so.

Tarkenton ripped RG3 during an interview with Jenny Vrentas of The Monday Morning Quarterback on Friday. Tarkenton believes Griffin came into the league with too much “arrogance” and will soon be unemployed.

“I was listening to him the offseason after his rookie year, which was not a bad year, and I’m saying, ‘Holy s—, this guy is out of control with his ego,'” Tarkenton said. “That was the first sign you saw that he lacked leadership. Then, he was so into himself. You know a quarterback’s job? Make his teammates better. It’s not about you; it’s about your teammates. You’ve got to make them better, and if you don’t make them better, you have no chance.”

In addition to a poor attitude, Tarkenton said he agrees with Jay Gruden that Griffin’s mechanics stink and he is unable to read defenses. The Minnesota Vikings legend then tossed the ultimate insult at RG3 when he compared him to JaMarcus Russell.

“There’s no discipline and understanding of the defense because he is a pontificator,” Tarkenton said. “He will never make it. He will be out of football. He will be in the same graveyard as JaMarcus Russell and Vince Young.”

Tarkenton has always enjoyed sharing controversial opinions, but this is some of his harshest criticism.

Personally, I think RG3 has a much better head on his shoulders than Russell and other colossal draft busts. He’s only 24 and is not the sole reason the Redskins suck, so maybe a fresh start would do him some good. We could very well find out next season.

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