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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Goodell Gives Roethlisberger Six-Game Suspension

Ben Roethlisberger is finally going to get a chance to appreciate what the word “consequence” means — sort of.  The NFL announced today that Commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to suspend Big Ben six games, and require that he undergo a “comprehensive behavioral evaluation by medical professionals” before he can participate in any Steelers off-season activities.  If he successfully completes the evaluation, it is possible that the suspension could be reduced to four games.  A comprehensive what?  What a joke.

I can only imagine what that even is, but what I gather is it’s a fancy way of saying, “don’t sexually assault anymore girls or get caught in a stupid situation again and we’ll give you a break.”  If you ask me, the entire situation is out of control — including the way its being dealt with.  From the start, when police officers were taking pictures with Big Ben hours before he was accused of sexual assault, this thing had ugly written all over it.  If you take into account the fact that there are at least two, and probably three, women who have allegedly been assaulted by Roethlisberger, how is it that he has faced absolutely no legal consequences?  I’m starting to get a funny feeling that this is headed in the Tiger Woods direction, and I’m just waiting for a headline to show up on ESPN saying that Big Ben has checked into a sex-addict rehab clinic.  Here’s a piece of what Goodell had to say to Roethlisberger:

I believe it is essential that you take full advantage of the resources available to you. My ultimate disposition in this matter will be influenced by the extent to which you do so, what you learn as a result, and a demonstrated commitment to making positive change in your life.”

I think Goodell may be forgetting that Roethlisberger is an adult — as in a full grown man of 28 years old.  I suppose you can’t blame him since he doesn’t know how to act like one.  If this suspension ends up getting reduced because Big Ben more or less learns to behave himself for a few months and maybe sits in a chair and listens to a therapist for a few hours, that would be pathetic.  I’m not sure who Roethlisberger was able to pay off to stay out of jail, but a six-game suspension is too lenient regardless of whether he was criminally charged.  Feel free to weigh in on this one, I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion.

Ben Roethlisberger suspended by NFL [ESPN]
Photo Credit: AP

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