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Monday, June 18, 2018

Greg Hardy fight with girlfriend Nicole Holder was over Nelly?

Greg HardyGreg Hardy’s girlfriend Nicole Holder filed a request for a temporary restraining order against the Carolina Panthers defensive end on Wednesday. According to the Charlotte Observe, Holder alleges in the court documents from the civil case that her argument with Hardy had to do with one of her past boyfriends. Guess who the guy was? Nelly, of course.

Holder’s request was dismissed after she failed to appear in court on Thursday. She claimed that she was in bed with Hardy on Tuesday morning when he “just snapped.” She was seeking for a judge to ban Hardy from her home and surrender all of his firearms. While the suit was dismissed when Holder failed to appear, a judge still ordered Hardy to turn over all of his weapons.

Hardy placed a call to 911 early Tuesday morning claiming Holder was attacking him and refused to leave his apartment.

“I think she’s on coke or something,” Hardy can be heard telling a dispatcher in an audio clip obtained by TMZ. “She’s been drinking, I dunno what she’s on, man. She will not stop coming at me, bro.

“My manager’s trying to detain her, he’s trying to keep her away from me. He’s not hurting her or anything. … She’s trying to come at me, bro! Don’t let her do it, bro!”

When police arrived at the scene, they arrested Hardy for domestic violence. The 26-year-old is accused of threatening to kill Holder and throwing her onto a couch covered in weapons and firearms, bragging that they were loaded. Holder reportedly had scratches and bruises on her.

Why is it always Nelly? We recently learned that Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have broken up with Shantel Jackson in part because she starting seeing the famous rapper. That guy is everywhere.

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