Report: Inmate Aaron Hernandez beat up was in handcuffs

Aaron HernandezFormer New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez reportedly got into a fight with another inmate on Tuesday and beat him up “pretty badly.” It is unclear what started the fight, though TMZ reported that the guy Hernandez attacked was harassing him nonstop. He also may have been unable to defend himself.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that the inmate Hernandez attacked was wearing handcuffs at the time of the altercation. Sources reportedly told TMZ that the victim, who had been talking smack to Hernandez, could “barely defend himself” from Hernandez’s “brutal” assault.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said the fight — if you can call it that with one dude in handcuffs — lasted less than a minute.

Jail officials are still investigating how Hernandez even got to the point where he was allegedly walking down a hallway and able to go after another inmate. Hernandez has been kept away from the general prison population since he got to Bristol County House of Corrections because of his high-profile status. After what happened on Wednesday, he’s probably going to remain in solitary confinement for a long time.

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  • Ed Lundgren

    Aaron is [was] a great player for the PATRIOTS, but his mental conditioning was still from the streets.The fact that he tore into a jail mate is just a part of that type of life. The handcuff guy was a trash talking illiterate who needed a lesson and discipline to straighten him out.The fact that he was in cuffs should have made him aware that he couldn’t defend himself. Such a sorry ass, but these guy’s deserve each other for there way of life.

  • Mason01111

    Aaron is 100% innocent. He’s sitting in a jail cell because of all the false stories. For anyone who has something to open their big fat mouths about, he kicked that guys ass in jail because it was allowed. The jail was sick of that guy opening his mouth, you want to talk smack about people’s children and families, you get your ass kicked. It happens in jail I assume all the time, the only difference is TMZ has to make their monthly quota so they love reporting on celebrities and making it worse than it is. It’s how they feed themselves and their own family off of great people like Aaron who is getting screwed. however, will have the last laugh.

  • Mason01111

    is still is a great player, you’ll see him again. He’s innocent and hopefully justice is served. The only thing he’s guilty is hanging with the wrong crowd and collecting guns. That doesn’t make or prove him a murderer.

  • ECR

    and you know he is innocent because….?

  • Mason01111

    I know he’s innocent because I believe he is. you have a problem with that?

  • jeff

    i do make something of it you big boy

  • kadillak_boxing


  • Mason01111

    I think you’re in the wrong discussion, check out some gay websites

  • deathtoallpoliticians

    get bent mason01111. tough talk from a guy using a white egg as his avatar instead of his real face. instead of just “believing” that hernandez is innocent, why not lay out your evidence and reasoning as to why you hold such a belief instead of being an anonymous, tough talking internet troll?

  • Ahy Nonimous

    Wrong. You’re in denial. He’s as guilty as the day is long.

  • Ahy Nonimous

    Because that would require a brain bigger than his wankie.

  • Mason01111


  • Retiree

    I have recently retired from that prison. I have spoken to someone there with direct knowledge. First off the inmate he hit was in cuffs coming up the stairs. Secondly the inmate after he was hit (assaulted) stated is that the best you have Hernandez. The inmate was not severely beaten. As for Hernandez He is a coward. Without a gun he ‘s just another punk. Right now he is just another guilty inmate!

  • georgecorey4

    Innocent till proven guilty-why trial delay-if he gets off –what about time served=Mass. will cover butt and find guilty-He knows it too. Mean dude now.

  • http://thecriscokid.com TrippinTheCripple

    Wow. I find it incredulous (look it up) that there are still people coming to his defense. Dude is a thug. A murderer. And an idiot.
    Tell me, Hernandez fans, how many of you would let him date your sister/daughter/brother?

  • http://thecriscokid.com TrippinTheCripple


  • Ahy Nonimous

    Exactly… to quote a sage ;-)

  • redsox09

    Who was the idiot that wanted to fight him?

  • RHunt

    Regardless of how we all feel about Hernandez he is innocent until proven guilty. Until I hear all the facts in the case both ways I’ll reserve my judgement.

  • John Brady

    Talk about the ultimate LOSER IN LIFE……..glad to have gotten him off the streets and where he belongs…..what a LOSER……

  • John Matthew

    He may have some anger problems

  • hardcoregrunt

    I really like this guy because I’m a Pats fan, but oh how shocked I am now. Screw the idiot.

  • Peter N

    they typically don’t go around arresting people for no reason and then put them in solitary. They reserve that for guilty thugs.

  • Peter N

    hey dumbshit believing and knowing are two completely different animals.

  • http://enria.org/ Zee Flynn

    All that great talent and all he has become is the toughest guy on the cell block.

    What a waste.

  • OMFG! is O.G Don Francisco

    Aaron is the man!… Thats inmate life for ya!… Fighting and killings are everyday life in such underground society!… I wish him the best in a dog eat dog world

  • findinghomer

    lol. coward. he waited till dude was cuffed. sigh…..

  • Tom Jones

    damn, what are you smoking?

  • David Nevers

    he is a cunt

  • DonaldTheWhiteMan

    Seriously, if I see one more person confuse “there” with “their” I am going to give up on this country. If you still don’t know the difference between those two words, you are an absolute failure of a human being.

    FYI, Boston Bruins suck and say hello to Dolph for me.