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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Is Brett Favre Faking His Arm Injury?

I hate to even speculate or suggest that a man who has started 289 straight games might be faking an injury, but it’s hard to say the thought hasn’t crossed my (and probably your) mind. Brett Favre was seen grabbing his arm on Monday night towards the end of the game. Those actions came less than a week after he had an MRI on his elbow which showed mild inflammation. Though Favre says his elbow isn’t causing him to miss passes, he’s had limited practices because of the arm.

So I ask the question to you: is Brett Favre faking his arm injury (or exaggerating it), or do you believe that it’s 100% legit?

Several factors make me believe the former could be the case. First off, Favre has proven many times over his career that he values the spotlight more than his credibility. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t have seen the retirement games year after year. It’s possible that he’s acting on camera in an effort to gain sympathy because of the Jenn Sterger investigation. Think about it: the first we heard about his elbow problem was last week, a day after Deadspin dropped the voice mail and penis bombs. Additionally, the team has been a major disappointment (as has Favre), and blaming the elbow is a convenient excuse.

For the contrary, Brett Favre has started 289 straight games and played through muscle pulls, broken bones, bruises, sprains, aches, and pains throughout his career. Who are we to question the legitimacy of an injury for maybe the toughest player in NFL history? Plus, we got on him for playing through an arm injury when he shouldn’t have towards the end of the year with the Jets two years ago. If he’s hurt and not at full-strength, saying he may step aside is the right thing to do, right?

While you may have your opinion, I have mine. I think Favre’s elbow is bothering him, but he’s turning it into a bigger issue than it is to redirect some of the conversation away from his dong shots. What do you think?

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