Jake Plummer blasts Tim Tebow again: Jets can’t win Super Bowls ‘with a humanitarian quarterback’

We’ve heard the main knocks on Tim Tebow. He can’t pass. He’s not a quarterback. He’s a gimmick. He’s only a ticket-seller. But former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer has just given us something we didn’t see coming.

Plummer, who previously said he’d like Tebow better if he cut down on the Jesus talk, spoke with KKFN radio in Denver on Tuesday and praised the quarterback for his charitable causes off the field but also cautioned that philanthropy doesn’t win football games.

“I respect the kid after the way the season went down and paying attention to what he does for other people in their lives,” Plummer said. “He puts a lot of things ahead of the game and in his position I think it’s pretty impressive that a kid his age can understand what really is important. … The kid has a big heart, he’s a humanitarian, but to back up what (John) Elway did, you don’t win Super Bowls with a humanitarian at quarterback. You win Super Bowls with a genius quarterback that knows what’s going on and that is Peyton Manning.”

Plummer’s thesis is pretty much the expanded version of the “good guys never win” adage. It’s almost as if Tebow can’t do anything right in anybody’s eyes. But, come on, how much more worse can a humanitarian be than a male model?

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  • Anonymous

     AAAAAHHH! Jake Plummer!? What is this guys obsession with Tim Tebow?!?

    Is it because Tebow came in and made Bronco fans cheer like they
    haven’t cheered in over a decade? Is it because Bronco fans wanted
    Plummer gone, and loved Tim Tebow? Is it because you were cast off like a
    wet booger?

    and obviously you can’t win a Super Bowl with the type of QB you were so they may as well try something else right?

    (if Trent Dilfer can win a SB ring as a starter then anyone can)

    What is your deal Jake Plummer?!?

    Please ride off into mediocrity knowing your last job in the NFL was as a holder on extra points and field goals.

  • http://twitter.com/kreider65 Blanche Starbong

    Nice to see not everyone has their head up Tebow’s sanctimonious ass.