JaMarcus Russell attempting NFL comeback, weighs 308 pounds

jamarcus russellJaMarcus Russell is considered one of the biggest busts in NFL history, but the former No. 1 overall pick is hoping to change that.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Kristian Dyer, Russell is planning to attempt an NFL comeback.

The former Oakland Raiders quarterback reportedly plans to work out with TEST Football Academy the next few months in hopes of getting another shot in the NFL. Russell is down to 308 from 320 pounds thanks to some cardiovascular training. He’s hoping to lose even more weight as he attempts a comeback (he was listed at 265 pounds when he played).

Russell sounds motivated and like he wants to change the perception of him.

“My first year out, I couldn’t watch football but after a while, I couldn’t keep the TV off. I got that itchy feeling but now I gotta watch it, gotta watch,” Russell told Yahoo! Sports.

“The last few years, the things going through my life, football is my job and it is how it feeds my family. People would say [that] I didn’t love the game but that pisses me off. People don’t know the real you but I want people to know the real me and see what I can do. People are always saying that I’m a bust. I want to show them I’m not. I’m committed to this now.”

Russell was drafted No. 1 overall by the Raiders in 2007. He went 7-18 as a starter and threw for 18 touchdowns and 23 interceptions over three seasons. The Raiders released him in April 2010 and he had tryouts with the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins. Neither led to a job.

Russell indicates that being out of football feels odd for him.

“I’m not looking for a pat on the shoulder from people who haven’t been there for me,” Russell said. “It feels funny not to go through a training camp, that’s just what I’m used to. It’s going to feel good to go back out there again. I will make this happen.”

Russell had some legal problems after he was released by the Raiders. He was arrested for codeine possession without a prescription in July 2010. His life coach at the time, John Lucas, gave up on him after the arrest. In recent years, Russell said sleep apnea and bad coaching contributed to his struggles with the Raiders.

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  • Tony

    Russell has as much chance to make an NFL roster as I do of winning the Lottery twice in a row.

  • julian b

    soo he must be getting low on funds. This dude is a POS

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A4OM4UQOFZTB4I7YH2XM4YBEEY Gomer

    if he truly loved the game dont you think he would have tried in canada to prove himself? I have serious doubts about this.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NXZFHCVJGXP7O2HUH72JRPD47A Roger

    Must have ran out of whoring and drinking money!!

  • Buzmeg

    In order to make a comeback, you have to have been somewhere. This dude should have been arrested and charged with robbery.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JBoyes9151 John G Boyes

    Funny, I watched him in college,  a true Super-Star, but when he got to the Raiders, he had lost all of his gifts, passes floated, he was slow………….., these guys dont realize how lucky they are ! !) millions of us who wanted to play, and just didnt make it, well……………………….this guy makes no sense !

  • http://www.jimgramon.com/ Jim in Austin

    So he thinks sitting on the couch and WATCHING football is showing his love of the game? At 308 he’s obviously not motivated enough to get up and work out. He’s the NFL equivalent of a drive-by … stole the money and ran.

  • http://twitter.com/lars1459 Larry Pesch

    He intends to sign with the team that has the best dinner buffet….

  • jamesben

    This guy is obviously not smart enough to play qb in the NFL {probably the most complicated position in all of sports} BUT, he’s a big athletic guy {or was} WHY didn’t the Raiders try him at TE? Can he catch? Can he block – even a little?

  • http://profiles.google.com/pudbertsavannahga Mort Leith

    We in the SEC used to LOVE to play against him,,

    we called him JaMarcus JaINTERCEPTION ! ! ! 

  • RebelFlag

    2-great QB’s-Russell can play DT & Tebow can play LB for Jaguars. LA’s next football team!

  • http://www.facebook.com/louilouig Lou Goldberg

    ja nobody. I loved watching him in college, He had the eye of the tiger, played with heart, and being picked in the first round by the raiders, My Team, I was excited and happy for the pick, but him showing nothing but ignorance there  Ja fat ass is running out of money. He has the ability to destroy another team, I wish the crappy piece of uneducated dung luck in moving forward, maybe become a janitor after this, 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CUH43YXIZHDVSNJR542IV3DXTE Nick

    I agree, it’s like he only lost 12 pounds and uses that to show he’s serious?  His true playing weight should be around 245.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CUH43YXIZHDVSNJR542IV3DXTE Nick

    But he lost a whole 12 lbs… just joking, he probably lost the 12 lbs when Twinkies went bankrupt.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CUH43YXIZHDVSNJR542IV3DXTE Nick

    Did he lose the weight due to no more Twinkies being made??  :)

  • drexyl9944

    if you called him that you were/are a moron

    2006 he threw for 3,000 yards 68% completion percentage w/ 28 TDs and 8 INTs.

    Even if it were true that’s a horrible nickname…be more creative next time.

  • http://twitter.com/jigclown Carl Radford

    If Russell were serious about playing football again the first he’d have to do is get into playing shape, and he hasn’t done that. Even then he’d have to spend at least a year playing in Canada or the Arena League  to prove that somehow in retirement he’s happened upon a work ethic.

  • Curt Skogsbergh

    Hey, JaMarcus Russel —– BEFORE you get another chance in the pros, why don’t you give back the $ 60MM you made off with first, THEN show your desire to actually earn a spot on a (any) roster ?  Now that would show real incentive, dedication and confidence in yourself.  Otherwise, well, you are just looking for yet another big handout of a payday.       

  • basiclimey

    are you kidding me? he fleeced the raiders for millions, perceived as lazy and as a prima donna,he wants another nfl team to give him a job, he’s got balls i will give him that, look son your skill set was an embarrassment to everyone the first time around, you can’t possibly have spent all that monry yet, so give it up, noone is interested.

  • Coach Dean

    I think that everyone’s cynicism is warranted, but lets give the guy a break. Even though I am a diehard Raider fan and still feel raped by him let’s remember that this was a spoiled, physically gifted kid who had never faced real adversity in his life. I remember what a waste of space I was in my early twenties (and probably for several years after that). It takes some time to grow up (some longer than others). I certainly hope that he manages to go the direction of Marcus Dupree (look it up) rather than Ryan Leaf and quiets some of his demons. As a father, football coach, and reformed (hopefully) screw up myself, I will be rooting for him.  

  • JunoJag

    Can you say BROKE… Sounds like somebody is out of money

  • olddawg1

    He has a “life coach”.  That’s all the information I need–no thanks, not interested.

  • gallic1

    This fool has proablly gone  thru 32 million, spending it on gold plated steering  wheels like MC Hammer.  Now he must need mo money. What team would want this giant pork chop?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A4OM4UQOFZTB4I7YH2XM4YBEEY Gomer

    lol,sounds like a winning recipe.  not!

  • runnerin1

    He was a pathetic lazy slouch. He litterally quit after getting his money.

  • runnerin1

    Times two

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FGGCWNJR2TEKZY24XNGYAFZGQQ Amber

    He is not. and never will be a football player in the NFL again. The sad truth is most NFL players Careers are only four years. Many more players have short careers like Russell, than the few that have long careers like Manning, Brady, or Favre. The only thing making this young man a story is the Raiders were dumb enough to draft him number one over all, and give him 47 million dollars!!! He needs to take the money and run back to collage and finish this education. Now days GM’s are fired for bringing in new QB’s that don’t work out for the team. Even back up QB’s, just ask a Jets fan! Russell’s days are over! next story please….

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.scott.90 Jeff Scott

    Unlike others here, since he has never done anything to me personally, since he only wasted his life and not mine, and since he never cost me a dime, I wish him well. People are not going to be fooled, if he is serious, his actions and workouts will show it. If not, then good luck with the rest of your life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=676749084 Kevin Marrington

    How about”JaWalrus”

  • John Garrison

    Be a great fit for the Jets.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L6TNFC64YPDYOVNBXELVI6F3JQ Dick Nuggets

    Well said Drexy.  Mort just sounds like a cum bubble.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L6TNFC64YPDYOVNBXELVI6F3JQ Dick Nuggets

    You’d think if he was serious about it he’d start packing on the pounds instead and try to come back as a lineman……

  • Tony

    See, there is a difference between you and Jamarcus Russell.  You are a very good person and Russell is a P.O.S.   Twinkie eatin’, cough syrup drinkin’ a-hole only deserves absolutely nothing, not even good luck with the rest of his life.