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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Jared Allen had Taylor Lautner, Twilight movie poster in dorm room

Jared Allen Taylor Lautner

What do Jared Allen and your average teenage girl have in common? They both are big fans of Taylor Lautner.

Jay Glazer has been delivering the goods all week since “FOX Football Daily” premiered Monday on FOX Sports 1. In addition to the scoop he had on Antonio Smith swinging his helmet at Richie Incognito, Glazer has been sharing some other exclusive videos. On Wednesday’s show, Glazer shared a video he took inside Allen’s training camp dorm room in 2010.

The video showed that Allen had a comforter filled with soccer balls, and posters of teenage heartthrob Lautner, wrestler John Cena, and one of the “Twilight” movies on his wall. The Minnesota Vikings defensive end has a great sense of humor, so maybe this was his way of being funny. Or maybe he’s just a really big Lautner fan.

Jared Allen Taylor Lautner

Jared Allen Twilight movie

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