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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jeremy Maclin Doesn’t Think DeSean Jackson Was Ignoring Vince Young

I’ve long considered DeSean Jackson a punk with an attitude problem. He’s a very talented player, but he’s a bad teammate. It’s been that way since he was at Cal, and it’s continued with the Eagles. That said, I felt like he was singled out for his poor effort last Thursday against the Seahawks. My complaint isn’t picking on him for taking plays off, but for saying he ignored Vince Young on the bench when we can’t be sure of that. Jeremy Maclin pointed out the same thing.

Maclin, another receiver for the Eagles, says he didn’t think DeSean Jackson was ignoring Vince Young before halftime as was reported.

“I don’t think [the media] understood what exactly was going on. I think everybody was kind of assuming things because of whatever’s going on with him,” Maclin said. “It’s unfortunate that people do those type of things.

“If somebody who you’re playing with is talking to you, you pay attention. I honestly don’t think Vince (Young) was talking to him,” when the reported incident was caught on camera.

“Obviously they’re going to try to find anything that they can to nit pick so it’s unfortunate that that happened like that,” Maclin said. “I highly doubt that he’s talking to DeSean right there.”

I won’t go as far as Andy Reid who says DeSean was “all-in” that game, because he clearly wasn’t. But I just don’t think it’s fair for everyone to assume that DeSean was ignoring Vince Young when we don’t know that was the case. I really don’t think it was, because two minutes earlier NFL Network showed DeSean paying attention as Vince talked to him on the bench.

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