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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Jermichael Finley Says the Tim Tebow Coverage is ‘Disturbing’

As far as the Green Bay Packers are concerned, Tebowmania should be welcomed.  If analysts and media outlets are talking about Tim Tebow all the time, they can’t be talking about the 13-0 Packers, which is something Aaron Rodgers mentioned this week.  Considering Green Bay is pursuing a perfect season, the Tebow coverage takes away from any talk about them going 19-0.  That should help them in terms of focus, but Jermichael Finley said he is sick of it anyway.

“I sit at home, start watching TV and all I’m seeing is Tebow,” Finley said according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “That’s kind of disturbing. We have a guy here that’s breaking records every week and you have a guy in Tebow that’s saying ‘God’ every word and he gets coverage. Of course I love my faith and God but come on man.”

Finley is joining a long list of players and former players who have called out Tebow for talking about God too much.  As for whether or not Tebow’s success will last, Finley offered an opinion on that as well.

“People that don’t know the game outside of the fans, of course they’re going to hype it up,” he said. “But guys that see a good player and a good quarterback, they know what kind of guy he’ll be down the road when he gets exposed. Everybody who knows the game knows what kind of player Tebow is going to be.

“With me, I don’t care too much. I just look at it and say, ‘Wow, they’re not showing my guy, 12, love.’ He probably doesn’t care either but at the same time if you look at that win column and lose column, it talks for itself right there.”

Aaron Rodgers is having arguably the greatest season of any quarterback in football history, but I highly doubt he’s concerned with seeing his name on television shows.  Finley’s comments represent what many people are thinking across the league, but as someone who could benefit from the spotlight being elsewhere, he should embrace the worldwide frenzy that is Tim Tebow.

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