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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Jerry Jones pictures were with strippers and are five years old

Jerry Jones boob grab

Compromising photos of Jerry Jones with a few women appeared on the internet this week with very little context, but now we finally have some background to the photos.

The two women featured in the pictures with the Dallas Cowboys owner are strippers, and they claim the photos are five years old.

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TMZ tracked down the women from the photos — Lindzie (the blonde) and Jordan (the brunette) who are both strippers in Texas. They say they don’t remember a lot about the night because “there was a lot of alcohol involved,” TMZ reports.

The women say the pictures were taken by a female friend and that they had no idea the pictures were taken. The women have sought legal advice about the photos. The women supposedly are also concerned about potential legal action from Jerry.

So what do we make of all this? Jerry Jones was partying with some strippers a handful of years ago, they were drinking, and things got weird? There’s a shocker for the ages. I mean who would have ever expected this.

The only takeaway from this matter is that Jones’ bodyguards failed big time. They had one job to do and one job only, and they failed.

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