Report: Jets fan who punched female Patriots fan is convicted killer Kurt Paschke

The New York Jets fan who punched a female New England Patriots fan in a video that went viral is a convicted killer, according to a report.

Video of Jets and Patriots fans fighting outside MetLife Stadium after the Jets beat the Pats 30-27 in overtime Sunday was first posted by Deadspin. Reports later indicated that police were investigating the incident. Apparently they questioned Kurt Paschke, who has been identified as the Jets fan in the video who punched the female Pats fan.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Paschke’s mother, who attended the game with her son, says her son was defending her when he punched the fan. But the big bomb dropped by the News is that Paschke did time in the 1990s after being convicted for fatally stabbing a man in a fight behind a pizza parlor.

Based on these photos, it looks like the same fan (the one on the left is from 2009, the one on the right is from Sunday):

Kurt Paschke Jets fan

And here is a mug shot of Paschke reportedly for a 2011 arrest for serving alcohol to minors:


Paschke is also well known for turning his van into a “Jets Mobile”:

Kurt Paschke Jets mobile

New Jersey State Police would not say whether Paschke would be facing charges for his role in Sunday’s fight.

Here’s another angle of the fight and punch:

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  • WJR37375

    When will his mother get her cancer back…

  • Big Tuna

    Our planet is littered with walking garbage

  • Captain Hector Barbossa

    Why are there so many people in this world that cannot fight? The guy at the end looked like a 8 year old trying to hit the guy that hit the girl.

  • Captain Hector Barbossa

    The main issue is where is all the security? Down on the freaking field? The security at these events is non existent. This all started in the stands. Throw the garbage out that started it in the stands then you have no issue after the game. Ban them for 5 years. That will teach the clowns. It sounds like the group the woman was in started the whole thing. You still should not hit a woman but if she is going to keep coming after you then what?

  • Captain Hector Barbossa

    I’m half that big ogers size and I could have whipped his @$$

  • Shery

    Was she chasing him?

  • Toby Tucker

    Nothing worse than a Douche Bag sports fan. Especially a NY Fan!