Jim Schwartz appears to ask what the f— fans are booing for (Video)

Jim Schwartz fansSo Jim Schwartz is pretty much done as head coach of the Detroit Lions now that his team has been eliminated from the playoffs, and you can tell he’s getting ornery with fans.

The Lions blew their second straight game and are now 7-8 after losing to the New York Giants 23-20 in overtime Sunday. Matt Stafford threw a pick-six with under five minutes left to let the Giants tie the game at 20. Detroit went 3-and-out on their next two drives, but they intercepted Eli Manning with 23 seconds left to prevent the Giants winning at the end of regulation. Instead of trying to set up for a field goal, Schwartz elected to run out the clock and head to overtime. That decision likely led to fans booing as the final seconds ticked off the clock at the end of regulation.

Schwartz wasn’t pleased with the fan reaction and appeared to look at them and ask what the f— they were booing for. Gee, I dunno, maybe because you guys can’t beat the Giants and blew a golden opportunity to make the playoffs? Get with it, Schwartz.

Here’s a GIF of the Schwartz-fan thing:

Keep in mind a report said Schwartz would be fired if the Lions missed the playoffs. He’s toast.

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  • thug123

    Time to find another job you hack of a coach, the NFL did everything they could to get your bankrupt cities team into the playoffs and you STILL screwed it up, pathetic!!Q

  • Grego12345

    I think Schwartz, Lanahan and Stafford should work on their resumes. This is not fair to the rest of the team or the fans!!

  • concretejimmy

    lions suck

  • disqus_rPb5mJRfsz

    Swartz stinks and Matt Stafford is a average QB. The only time he does well is when Calvin is targeted. Over paid and over rated and can’t win an important game. He folds like a $2 suitcase. Trade him like the Tigers traded Fielder!!!!!

  • disqus_rPb5mJRfsz

    I am done with the Lions. I have followed them for 60 years hoping to finally see a winner. Not gonna happen. Ford needs to grow some balls and get rid of Swartz and trade Stafford. Every coach that the lions have hired in the last 12 coaches or so have never had a head coaching job again after the lions. That says tons about the owners selections and even more about the lousy coaches who are good enough for the lions but not any other NFL team!!!!

  • MikeInMaine

    Coming from a Patriots fan; I feel for you guys! I love Megatron, and thought Stafford was something special a few years ago. And I was kind of excited for you guys after getting Reggie Bush; having witnessed his still blossoming talent last year in Miami. I admire talent no matter where it resides. We’re so fortunate in NE to have a wizard like Belichick, who helped us to win this year even though we’ve been decimated with injuries in the most important positions, and having practically only rookie receivers who took a long time to even start to get up to speed… only to get injured themselves – EACH of them missing much time, slowing their development!! Oh, how I wish Tom Brady had someone like Megatron to throw to!!! Remember an aging Randy Moss catching 25 TDs in ’07?? But anyway… this coach Schwartz is the biggest pile of crap in the league! Why has it taken so long to fire the bum??? Good luck, folks!!