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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Joe Namath: Brett Favre Won’t Make it Through Cowboys Game

Earlier in the week, I wondered whether Brett Favre was faking, or at least exaggerating his elbow injury. While I concluded that he was probably bothered by the elbow (not to mention the nuts) but still exaggerating its effects, count Hall of Famer Joe Namath as one who believes in its legitimacy.

Joe Willie told Adam Schein on Sirius NFL Radio (via Newsday) that he thinks the injury is serious based on what he saw Monday night. Namath added that tendinitis is debilitating, and that rest is the only thing that can help it. He figures Favre would need a painkilling injection to play in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

The bold prediction is that he thinks Favre won’t make it through the game: “I think the combination of Dallas knocking him down, and Brett certainly having to throw the ball, is going to be too much for him. … His best interest is to get healthy. Going out there and throwing the ball, the way he throws it, certainly is not the method that you get that thing healthy. I think they’re in a dire situation right now so he is going to try his best to play but I don’t see him being efficient.”

I agree that the situation for Minnesota is dire and that Favre will play, but I think he’ll make it through the entire game. How well he plays is the big question. I think he’ll play alright, but not great, and that the Vikings will lose and drop to 1-4. At that point, the odds Favre misses a game or two down the road go up significantly. I agree with LBS commenter Eric Z when I say this is a story that won’t end well.

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