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Friday, June 22, 2018

Johnny Manziel going single, no girlfriend at draft

Johnny Manziel OVO DrakeThough some of the star quarterbacks in the NFL Draft are well known for their girlfriends, Johnny Manziel is going a different route.

Johnny Football broke up with Sarah Savage, the model who accompanied him to New York when he won the Heisman Trophy in 2012. He’s been spotted with other women since, like model Lauren Hanley, and more recently Kyndal Kyaire. But Johnny Football is officially single now and keeping himself available to all comers.

When TMZ tracked him down outside a restaurant in New York prior to the draft, Manziel said of going stag to the draft, “it’s good to be single.”

Yes it is, especially when you’re Manziel and about to move to a new city as the franchise quarterback.

If you’re AJ McCarron and you have someone like Katherine Webb, you want to wife her up like he did. Same with Blake Bortles and his longtime girlfriend Lindsey Duke. But when you’re Manziel, why tie yourself down with one girlfriend when you can have them all? It just makes more sense this way. And he won’t have to worry about a Russell Wilson situation in a few years, either. Manziel is a lot smarter than you think, as his high Wonderlic score would attest.

And if you did see a girl sitting with Manziel at the draft and wondered who it was, that’s his sister, Meri, not a girlfriend:

Johnny Manziel sister Meri

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