Jonathan Martin reportedly called ‘Big Weirdo,’ bullied by teammates

Jonathan MartinJonathan Martin left the Miami Dolphins this week after being relentlessly teased and bullied by his teammates, who nicknamed him “Big Weirdo,” according to a report.

Martin, a former second-round pick out of Stanford, left the team and went AWOL in response to a cafeteria prank his teammates pulled on him Monday. As Martin sat down to join a group at a table, all the players got up. He slammed his tray down, left the facility, and hasn’t talked to his team since. He was listed as doubtful and then out for Thursday’s game against the Bengals. Martin is reportedly spending some time with his family.

Hearing that Martin left the team in response to a cafeteria prank didn’t make much sense on its own and led us to think that there was much more to the story. That’s why we’re not at all surprised to learn that Martin has been tormented by his teammates for a while.

FOX’s Alex Marvez has the goods on the story:

This wasn’t an abrupt action by Martin, who is Stanford-educated and the son of two lawyers who attended Harvard University. A source said Martin has tried dealing with a slew of indignities that crossed into personal and family insults, including being bestowed with the nickname of “Big Weirdo.”

Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero also reported about the “Big Weirdo” nickname, which I can’t imagine would do wonders on a player’s self-esteem. Salguero also says the Dolphins are “concerned” about the past and future relationship between Martin and some of his teammates.

Marvez says the bullying of Martin went well beyond typical rookie hazing and that the team was aware of how he has been treated. The NFLPA reportedly is looking into the situation.

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  • Steve Terrill

    Good for him, he probably doesn’t need the money for himself or his family and can probably get a career outside of football pretty easily although a second round offensive lineman from a major program will probably be in demand by other teams. Hell, the Chiefs should try to trade for him. I somewhat wonder about his mental toughness, “Big Weirdo” is a pretty mild nickname for the NFL, but at the same time, why put up with a bunch of BS when you don’t have to. And the Dolphins wonder why they aren’t meeting their pre-season expectations, even though they won last night. Surprise, surprise, they obviously aren’t a “family” like winning teams are.

  • Jack Beezley

    Bob McNair are you out there? The Texans could use him on the right side…..

  • normmiller

    Good on him.. F*cking team is a disgraceful word when referring to crap like that. Its that kind of mentality we are trying to convince kids is wrong in school and the NFL allows it to go on within teams all in the interest of “fitting in”. When I was a kid I was bullied and now I see the movement to end bullying in school as a refreshing sign some integrity is making its way into schools. I think the NFL could take a lesson from a line I heard in a movie, “Mean people suck”! Its also that behavior that causes individuals to walk into stores, theaters, schools, and other buildings with guns and get that frustration out… to all his team-mates… YOU FU*KING SUCK! YOU ARE NOT A TEAM AND MOST LIKELY NEVER WILL BE A TEAM… A TEAM ACTS TOGETHER TO BETTER ITSELF AND YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED

  • Topazinator

    I’m with him on this. Most of that team probably can’t spell “Stanford” let alone have gotten onto the campus even with a camera and Hawaiian shirt. Are most of his tormentors jealous blacks from Middle Sheboygan State?

  • otisrneedleman

    What’s going on in Miami? Aren’t the coaches keeping an eye on things? Day-to-day razzing is one thing, but why has this apparently escalated so much? Just hurts the team.

  • Steven Keys

    If Marvez’ story pans out (“slew of indignities”), maybe time for a coaching change at Miami. If Joe Philbin’s not plugged into what reads like a weak, disturbing group-think on his team then he’s failing his duty. Get ahold a’ the situation BEFORE it implodes, Joe.

  • jamesisajeweler

    This clearly shows that not only do GIRLS and BOYS get “BULLIED” in school. But GROWN MEN can be “BULLIED” by their own teammates in the NFL, NBA, and the MLB! Someone had better look into this mess for sure, before it becomes a Miami Dolphins shooting massacre one day! Hopefully it will not. But these days you will NEVER know what the mindset is of a MAN or WOMAN who is continuously DISRESPECTED by others.

  • Gary Constable

    I hate hazing but what coach is gonna give him a chance when you quit on your team and prove to be very thin skinned in the coaches eyes.

  • caradoc

    Cry me a freaking river. Maybe if modern society didn’t constantly teach kids to be victims we wouldn’t have these issues.

  • Ellwood Davis

    Jonathan Martin represents everything you want in a young man. Too bad some low-life teammates have not grown up, and choose to live down to their billing. I bet most of them wish their daughters would marry a man just like him when they grow up. Hold your head up, Jonathan….you’re a better man than they are.

  • Pod

    It looks like the intelligent, Stanford educated Jonathan Martin did not fit into the ignorant, bullet-head, beer guzzling, moronic “culture” of the NFL. Not terribly surprising. Mr. Martin should have chosen a more intellectual pursuit.

  • jimmypx

    it would be nice for the coach of the 49ers to reach out to this man, I do.

  • GoodWitch

    I wouldn’t describe him as “thin skinned”. I’d say he’s put up with harassment, threats, and more than we’ll ever know about, since he;s been there. People like Incognito are no more than human garbage. No one should have to tolerate ongoing threats like that….EVER! By the time the investigation is done, I won’t be surprised if they suspend/fine more than Incognito.

  • GoodWitch

    Jonathan Martin was man enough to walk away from the situation after tolerating threats, slurs, degradation, and public humiliation since he got to Miami. Most coaches know what happens in the locker room and what’s going on with their players….so where in the hell were they? If they don’t know their players well enough to see there is a problem, perhaps they are in wrong profession. No way were they oblivious to what was happening.

    Let’s see….Incognito was suspended from Nebraska; (three counts of assault, guilty on misdemeanor assault); lasted one week at Oregon, went to St. Louis, got into it with coaches, fans, and players (both opposing and Rams); fought with teammates during camp; became one of the dirtiest players in the NFL; was benched and released (2 personal foul in first half of Titans game); went on the the Bills, briefly, then to Miami. He was on the do not draft list for a number of teams because of his character issues…that should have spoken volumes to anyone looking at him. This POS is a dangerous situation waiting to explode….but wait….he’s managing his anger issues with meditation and relaxation methods.

    I look forward to the rest of those involved being suspended and/or fined as well. The Dolphins are one sorry excuse for a football organization.

    They didn’t deserve a player with integrity and I hope Martin is picked up by a team with class and character.

  • PissedoffinAZ

    Don’t be dissin’ Sheboygan!

  • PissedoffinAZ

    Explain how you teach a kid to be a victim. Sounds like you have been on the dishing end of bullying. Used to be the Golden Rule was preached AND practiced, far more than now.

  • johnsnare

    The man is a Stanford graduate, and we are questioning his attitude.? You have to have a great deal of smarts to not only be enrolled at Stanford, but to graduate is quite an achievement. Something radically wrong with this story. What is the education status of the bullies.? The University of Thuggery.?

  • johnsnare

    Excellent comment Pod. My sentiments exactly. See my post. Over 50%, of the NFL goons never graduated from their school.

  • whocares85

    Well what would you do; be a sneaking “Tattle Tail”?

  • Moby Dick

    stfu u half-nigga.

  • normmiller

    Grow up and get a vocabulary. Go to S-C-H-O-O-L and learn to write and then come see me about your mentality and the use of racially biased words. U is not a word… it’s spelled Y-O-U and as for the “half” part, since you (u) cannot see me you (…again u) are making an assumption that I am either half-black or half-white which means you (…..u) are making an ass out of yourself.