Jonathan Martin ‘genuinely scared’ of what Richie Incognito might do to him

Jonathan Martin Richie Incognito

The situation with Jonathan Martin and the Miami Dolphins does not look like it will be ending any time too soon.

Martin, a 2012 second-round pick, left the team last week following a prank pulled on him in the cafeteria. That prank seemed to be the final straw for Martin, who reportedly has been harassed and bullied since being drafted.

Though he has denied wrongdoing and was called “buddy” by Martin over text, Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito has been fingered as the primary tormenter of Martin. Not only did ESPN point to Incognito as the main bully, but so has CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora.

Here’s what La Canfora reported:

Dolphins guard Richie Incognito, according to sources, was “the ring-leader,” of the ongoing bullying, acting particularly “menacing” toward Martin, while center Mike Pouncey was also involved.

Last week’s flare-up between Martin and his teammates, “was not an isolated incident — not even close,” one source said. “It’s been going on almost since they drafted him.” Other players on the team said it was fairly widely known within the team that the offensive linemen were hard on Martin, a second-round pick in 2012, and Martin has expressed his displeasure with the situation in the past.

La Canfora says Incognito has been known to make people feel uncomfortable and has been reprimanded for his actions towards team employees. A source also told CBS that Incognito has bullied Martin.

“He is genuinely scared of what Incognito might do to him, or has threatened to do to him,” the source told La Canfora.

On Friday, the contents of a text message conversation between Incognito and Martin was reported by NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington. In that conversation, Martin reportedly told Incognito that he didn’t blame the team for what happened and said he got tired of the football culture and locker room. The text message conversation, which I’m guessing was leaked by Incognito, was viewed by many as something that would clear Incognito’s name. But I disagreed, saying that Martin’s comments in the messages were incongruent with what was going on.

I’m guessing the bullying reports and things blaming Incognito are coming from Martin’s agent, while the defense is coming from Incognito and the Dolphins.

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  • Ron Morisseau

    Hope it doesn’t involve baby oil and an english cucumber

  • Monica

    This is a grown man, grow up for Christ’s sake!!!!

  • Shangheyed

    Why English?

  • Shangheyed

    So much for team first, its a bit old after initial training camp… you shouldnt be harrassed at the work place its that simple. The team and NFL should look into this as any other company should.

  • WZtruth

    Prince Akumara would tell him to take it like a man and move on…

  • mahogma

    They’re in Florida, a “stand your ground” state. That should settle the issue, unless Incognito would like to test the law.

  • Eo Utnac

    Unfortunate but true – that there are bullies everywhere; in every walk of life. Isn’t it about time for bullies to grow up? They’re nothing by thirty year old teenagers who refuse to put away childish things.

  • Topazinator

    You are so, like, you know, crude and stuff. Oops, I didn’t mean that kind of stuff.