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Monday, March 30, 2015

Jose Canseco wants to make a sex tape with Tim Brando

Jose Canseco shirtTim Brando and Jose Canseco together in one amazing sex tape? If the former Bash Brother had his way, it could happen.

Brando, a show host/broadcaster for CBS Sports, had a banner day covering Jason Collins’ announcement on Monday. Brando spent the afternoon engaged in a debate with his Twitter followers over whether or not Collins is a hero for announcing he is gay. Though Brando seems to support Collins, he does not think the basketball player deserves the “hero” label. He even threw out a funny, strange comparison to punctuate his point:

In response, Canseco sent a tweet from the heavens:

He then followed up by sending a tweet that said “jk,” but we’re still holding out hope.

Canseco, Brando, together in one amazing sex tape? That just blew Rodgers Hampton’s mind! Make it happen, guys. I’m sure it would be better than Hulk Hogan’s gem.

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