Julian Edelman snubs Tom Brady on high five (GIF)

What in the world was this all about? After the New England Patriots scored midway through the second quarter on Sunday to go up 17-7 on the New Orleans Saints, Tom Brady was sitting on the bench and put his hand out to get a high five from teammate Julian Edelman. Edelman caught a 7-yard pass to set up the Stevan Ridley touchdown, so it’s not as if he hadn’t contributed. But for one reason or another, Edelman didn’t high-five Brady back, even though Brady seemed to put it out there for his teammate well in advance.

Seriously, what was that all about? It sure as heck looked to me like Edelman stiffed Brady on the shake.

Whatever went on there didn’t seem to bother Brady, though. By the end of the game, the Patriots had so many drops that the only receiver Brady seemed to trust was Edelman. He looked to Edelman three times on the final drive. That final drive was a thing of beauty. I swear the Patriots lost that game at least twice before finally winning it.

GIF via Deadspin

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  • https://www.twitter.com/JRTuttle4 Jeff Tuttle

    It just looks to me that Edelman was looking up & ahead & just wasn’t paying attention, but I could be wrong . . .

  • Chris Martinez

    It looks like Edelman is looking at someone else. As soon as he enters the shot, his head goes from up to centered. He was probably acknowledging someone else and didn’t notice Brady there.