Kellen Winslow released by Seahawks

This year’s cut-down period for NFL teams featured very few surprises. Until now. The Seahawks released tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. on Saturday, as first reported by Adam Schefter.

Winslow clashed with new Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano and was traded to the Seahawks after not showing up to OTAs. Seattle offered a 7th-round pick for Winslow when most other teams wouldn’t have offered anything. After he caught just three passes in preseason action, the team decided to cut him, feeling he wasn’t worth the $3.3 million he was set to earn for the season.

Winslow acknowledged in June that his surgically-repaired knee hampered his ability.

“If I was healthy, which I never will be again, I would be Aaron Hernandez and (Jason) Witten together,” he said.

Winslow has played 92 games over a seven-year career. He caught 75 passes for 763 yards and two touchdowns last season, which would lead some to believe he can still play. While Winslow probably could still play, he’s not much of a weapon anymore. It’s honestly impressive that he’s continued to play this long given his knee problems.

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  • SpinMax

    a soldier like him will keep after it

  • JamesT32

    Soldier?  LOL  More like whiny, selfish malcontent who, as his famous father once reluctantly admitted, simply wasn’t raised very well, but whatever, perhaps you were only facetiously referencing that mindless locker room rant he went on a  few years back.  An amazing talent before a laundry list of injuries and weird mishaps began to bring him closer and closer to everyone else, I fail to see what’s particularly surprising about the Seahawks ultimately deciding they can get along without him when, by his own admission, he’ll never be fully healthy again and has become something of a shadow of the player who was once viewed as the talent who was going to revolutionize the position.  Yes, he’s still a serviceable NFL tight end and a guy who’d likely put up some numbers if given the chance, but the older you get the less teams are willing to pay millions for just average, especially when your personality is abysmal, hence the reason most pro athletes don’t get to exit on their own terms. 

  • Gene

    Rumor has it that he refused to renegotiate his contract and that was why he got cut even though he played pretty well during the preseason.