Kerry Rhodes on a bed with his alleged boyfriend (Video)

Kerry Rhodes boyfriend bed

When Jason Collins came out as gay in an article written for Sports Illustrated, he said one of the reasons for his announcement was so that he could do it on his terms and not be outed by a media gossip outlet. The exact sort of situation he was trying to avoid is happening with Kerry Rhodes.

Rhodes, an 8-year NFL veteran safety, denied being gay after pictures of him being close to another male hit the internet last month. The other man in the photos was his ex-assistant, who also claims to be Rhodes’ ex-boyfriend. Even though the story died down over the past six weeks, it was revived early Sunday when World Star Hip Hop posted a video and hyped it up by saying, “Another Professional Athlete Coming Out Of The Closet? Footage Of NFL Player “Kerry Rhodes” Laying In Bed With Another Man Released!”

The video is not at all damaging the way World Star makes it out to be. Sometimes guys who are traveling happen to be in the same hotel room and on a bed together at the same time, especially if they’re both trying to be on camera. But when you combine this video with the pictures and everything the ex-assistant has said, it’s just more supposed evidence that Rhodes is gay.

You can watch the video below. Most of the supposed scandalous bed stuff is from the 6:15 mark on. After watching the video, you’ll understand exactly why Collins handled his own announcement, and why it might be in the interest of other gay athletes to follow his lead rather than be faced with a Kerry Rhodes situation.

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  • dk_delvee

    It’s not like people have to announce that they are straight…why should they have to announce they are gay. Whether he is or isn’t it does not matter. He looks happy, let the man live!

  • whocouldibe123

    Disgusting. He’s a FA GGOT! Kick him out of the NFL. Football is for real men, not queers.

  • SpinMax

    I don’t see it

  • dieselrockman

    The monster all american homo aka Kerry Rhodes.

  • shonda

    He has to make the announcement because he’s obviously sleeping with women too. SO THEREFORE he should be honest about what he likes and not put on this front and lie and have sex with these women who don’t know that he sleepingith a man. Yeah he does look happy and if he’s gay then he’s gay. He needs to be truthful to himself and other people.

  • rhyno777

    Whether Kerry is gay or not doesn’t matter and is yet to be seen by me. All I see in that video is an athlete who is comfortable being around his gay assistant and treating him like a friend. I think that’s very respectable.

  • dk_delvee

    Unless he slept with you how the hell do you know he is sleeping with women. Besides they know now don’t they?

  • shonda

    First of all there is no need for the cursing. Second lets be serious he was sleeping with women, who are u kidding Plus a friend of a friend told me she slept with him. Like I said he needs to be honest with himself and with the women he sleeps with. The truth shall set him free. Now he doesn’t have to hide it anymore. More power to him.

  • Joshua Jones

    Who gives a $#!T if he’s gay or not or if he wants to lie about it or not. The fact that we’re even INTERESTED is pathetic. If he is gay, his biggest reason for denying it is the FACT that despite what the NFL says, him being a FA, teams are going to be far less inclined to sign a veteran player who is gay/”coming out of the closet” just because of the extra attention/scrutiny they THINK they might get, thus making it harder for him to sign a new deal to play football, which I’M SURE is more important to him then whether or not the world at large wants him to “come out” (IF he’s gay) for their own piece of mind or whatever. Can we all please just WAKE UP from this fog of willful ignorance?

  • ClassickHitz

    This is wild!! If he isn’t then he’s guilty by association and if he is, he’s outcast by the masses. There’s no doubt in my mind that he is indeed gay or bi-sexual. If he is sleeping with both women and men then I feel for the ladies ’cause that’s some russian roulette for yo’ ass.

  • Kenneth Bondeson

    at 1.16 in the video he is singing CHER….THATS ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED!!