Kevin Huber hilarious on Twitter despite being in hospital

Kevin Huber hitCincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber gained some fame (infamy?) after being hit so hard last weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers that he suffered a fractured jaw and cracked vertebrae. The only good thing to come out of the injury is Huber’s personality shining on a national stage.

Since being lit up by Terence Garvin, who was fined $25,000 for the brutal hit, Huber has changed his Twitter avatar to the photo of him being crushed, and he received a funny letter of support from a 7-year-old. He also has maintained his sense of humor despite being in the hospital.

Check out some of these great tweets he’s sent from the hospital:

I’m definitely digging the Match.com photo. Chicks dig hospital gowns.

Helmet smack to Shutdown Corner

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  • Carol Fischbach

    I don’t want to hear about the hit Huber took from Garvin. Not after what happened to LaVeon Bell, when he was smashed in the head by two Ravens, as he was going for a touchdown. He lost his helmet and banged his head on the turf. The medical team surrounded him, while he was lying on the ground. When he got up, he looked like a zombie. Yet nothing was said nor done. No flag nor fine. The NFL is not concerned about the players health and safety. All they are concerned about is the prospect of having to sink even more of their precious multi-millions into player health insurance. I’ve seen a number of head hits, in various games between various teams, that were never flagged. Yet they crucified James Harrison, when he played for the Steelers. The refs are selective about throwing their flags. The whole thing is phony crap. Don’t talk anymore about head hits or Garvin hitting Huber.