Kevin Ogletree slips on referee’s hat banana peel-style

In a scene straight out of a slapstick comedy, Cowboys receiver Kevin Ogletree slipped on a replacement referee’s hat in the end zone. Ogletree would have been wide open for a 14-yard score on a 3rd and 12 play if he hadn’t slipped and fallen on the ref’s perfectly placed hat with about three minutes left in the first half on Sunday.

Don’t be surprised if we later find a Facebook pic of that ref in Buccaneers gear. And don’t be surprised to find out that the ref is a nationally-ranked Mario Kart player.

GIF via Gifulmination

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  • SpinMax

    Probably the biggest thing to come from this is the Ref being fined for taking off his NFL Nike gear.

  • northca707

    You don’t have to go to a circus to see a bunch of clowns.  Just go to an NFL game and observe the substitute referees.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lori.uholik Lori Uholik

    Kevin Ogletree has gone out of  bounds that is what the ref was attempting to mark on the field.  Know the game Larry he was an ineligible receiver. Wide opened yes eligible NO. This is from a  “Cowboys Fan”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jrobichaux John Robichaux

    He wasnt any where close to being out of bounds!

  • eschex

    wow you have been the only one who saw him go out of bounds,because it was never  talked about by anyone else

  • http://twitter.com/tamtam_tweets Tamecia Henderson

    Exactly, the out of bounds bump Kevin received was on the opposite side of the field… coming from a Cowboys fan. Kevin wanted a call and never got that call. This is a true attempt to stop the Cowboys from scoring… simple. Larry Brown just pointed it out.