LeVeon Bell takes hit to head, leaves game (GIF)

Le’Veon Bell exited the Pittsburgh Steelers-Baltimore Ravens game on Thanksgiving night after taking a massive hit to the head by the goal line late in the fourth quarter.

Bell scored on a second-and-goal play, but he was drilled in the head by Jimmy Smith and his helmet came off. Then he smacked his head on the ground after landing in the end zone.

After a review, the touchdown call was overturned because it was ruled Bell’s helmet came off before the ball crossed the plane.

LeVeon Bell hit

Bell was totally dazed on the hit but somehow managed to walk off with some assistance.

GIF via @cjzero
Image via @willbrinson

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  • Bob Graff

    I know no one wants to hear it but it has become the the tale of two seasons. One were Haley controlled the offense and another were Ben had great success calling his own plays. I feel if the Steelers would give Ben the same latitude other top flight QB have we wouldn’t be saying would have could have should have. And would probably be sitting around 7-5. Just my 2 worthless cents. BTW Beachum has really turned into a gamer, I will give credit were it is due way to go man.

  • Donald Garey

    Did Haley mis-step that field goal? Did Haley drop 3-4 passes like Sanders ? You probably didn’t like Arians when he was here either, but look what he accomplished since leaving- head coach of the year!! Its not always the coaches. And by the way, Ben has always had the choice to change the play, of course. Its just that if Ben changes the called play, and its a bad call, he gets called on it. And Ben’s ego doesn’t like that. Lets face it, sometimes its the players.

  • Bob Graff

    I’m just stating the obvious. His offensives style and pace doesn’t suit this particular team. There is a reason for all the injuries to the o-line it’s his style of play. With the personnel we have we should be doing much better. And considering how fast KC has turned it around sometimes it’s the coaches as well.

  • Dylan Shears

    What I want to know is why there was no penalty for leading with the helmet on this play. I personally do not agree with all the unnecessary roughness calls, but if you’re going to make it a rule and enforce it so frequently, it needs to be called fairly. Two Ravens defenders lead with the helmet and hit Bell in the head and nothing was even said about let alone was it considered for penalization. Point is, if the NFL wants to protect players with this rule, call it every time, don’t pick and choose when to call it.