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Monday, June 25, 2018

Mark Sanchez responds to Twitter hater who hopes he tears his ACL

Mark SanchezThis must be the week of athletes striking back at Twitter haters.

When you’re a public figure like Mark Sanchez, and you’ve led the NFL in turnovers over the past two seasons, and you’re responsible for the most embarrassing football plays of the year, and you’re playing in the biggest city in the country, a lot of people will be out for your head.

Some fans express their thoughts in conversation with friends, others call sports talk radio, and then there are those who decide to take matters head on. These keyboard warriors will tweet at the athlete and say some of the most jacked up things you could imagine. This time Sanchito decided to reply to one.

Here’s how the New York Jets quarterback handled a fan telling him (in all caps) that he hopes the QB tears his ACL:

Sanchez certainly took a different approach from Dwight Howard, who ripped a Twitter follower earlier in the week, but we certainly respect the quarterback’s humility.

H/T The Jets Stream

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