Those Sneaky, Sneaky, Patriots and Their Kicking Tricks

We may give the Pats some crap for being busted for cheating last year, but I’ll give credit where it’s due: Bill Belichick is one creative coach who knows the rule book pretty well. You might remember a few years ago when the Patriots had Doug Flutie drop-kick an extra point when it appeared as if they were lining up for two. The move caught everyone off guard and it worked. This time the Patriots were trying to ice a 13-0 lead at Buffalo with five minutes left. Instead of trying to throw into a horrible wind in a third and long situation, the Patriots elected to have Matt Cassel drop a punt, Sammy Baugh style. And he uncorked a beauty!

This is just further evidence to dispute Belichick’s claims that he didn’t know he was violating the rules with the videotapes. If there’s any coach who knows the rule book and tries to come up with ways to outsmart people within the guidelines it’s certainly Belichick and the Patriots. Probably serves them right as karma that they didn’t make the playoffs despite their 11-5 record.

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  • Gene

    What is so sneaky about a quick kick? Tailbacks and quarterbacks have been doing it for years. It certainly doesn’t require an expert’s knowledge of the rule book. What is special is that Matt Cassel isn’t known for his punting skills, so Belichick must have had him practicing for quite awhile now, and he came through with a beauty.

    By the way, Sammy Baugh was one of the great punters in NFL history. I believe he averaged over 50 yards per punt one season, which is still the record.