Matt Jones Spells Bust C.O.C.A.I.N.E.

Apparently making money and being a first-round draft pick is all some people need to be happy in life. Oh yeah, that, and some dried up plants, white powder, and a few credit cards. We’re well late on this story as it got reported Thursday morning, but negative news pertaining to Matt Jones must not slip through the mindful watchdog eyes of LBS. Matt Jones officially laid claim to “bust” status getting arrested for felony drug possession on Thursday in Fayatteville. Matty J was detained on $2500 bond which he should be able to make without a problem given all his signing bonus money. He was caught in his car with a few dudes chopping lines of coke with a credit card, and also busted for weed at the same time. What a loser.

I’m so pleased to read this story not for the Jaguars’ sake, but because it brings some closure to the Matt Jones story. See, you really can’t fully appreciate the Matt Jones story if you weren’t a FOX Sports Radio listener or employee at the time of the 2005 draft. At that time, Jones was nothing more than a lowly Arkansas quarterback who was the star athlete on a weak team. Nobody really heard of him, and he certainly didn’t have a future in the NFL as a quarterback. But all of a sudden he became a combine stud who the scouts fell in love with because he’s tall (6’5″), ran a great 40, and could jump. Next thing you knew there was talk about Jones rising up draft boards. All of a sudden, for like three solid months leading into the NFL draft, the phone lines were flooded with Hog fans from Arkansas wanting to talk and brag about Matt Jones. “Hey, what you think about Matt Jones! Where you think Matt Jones is going to go? Woo, pig sooey, Matt Jones!” Honestly, Matt Jones practically became the network mascot. And god bless those hog fans, they were so cute the way they cherished Jones.

So yeah, when draft day did come around, the Jags used a late first-round pick to take a guy who had no position in the NFL and no receiving experience. Jones has shown flashes of being good, but he’s been a completely inconsistent stiff, catching just 101 passes and 13 touchdowns in three seasons. So, I put it to you now, Hog fans, what you think of your boy Matt Jones? A complete bust, just like we knew he’d be. But thanks for all those phone calls! You sure made times enjoyable!

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  • Brad

    I do not understand your hate on Arkansas Fans for supporting their few players they have that make it to the pros. The venom I have heard from you and the sidekick for JT the Brick , Tom Looney and Sedono just annoys me. I never hear people crush OSU QB Troy Smith for sucking or maybe a Notre Dame alumni now in the NFL either. People love to pick on a smaller school with a smaller fan base because they can without the repurcussions of making fun of a Michigan or a USC. What most folks do not realize, maybe you do, is that there are no pro-teams in Arkansas, they live and breath the Razorback atheletic program, talk it year round and support is like crazy. Matt Jones was one of the few highlights on a fair team that could once in a while amaze. I thought he might become a servicable receiver in the NFL, but never a game breaker. I truly thought they might bulk him up and try him out at tightend, his speed would be a big plus there. So maybe Razorback Fans get too excited about their players that make it to the pros and always have greater expectations for our teams than we should. But if you are ever at a game where Arkansas is playing, they are a great crowd that gets loud and that show sportsmanship, and not obnoxious like Ohio State or Wisconsin fans who have to be some of the worst in the country having witnessed them first hand. So, although Fox sports radio talk show hosts tend to love to rip on the Razorback fans from time to time you would think you guys might cut them a break since from the number of calls I hear from night to night, they support fox radio well, so why belittle U of A fans.

  • SpinMax

    I went out of my way to tune into Sedano today as he caught the brunt of the Matt Jones fans and went on the biggest anti-Matt Jones tirades…and of course
    he wasn’t on. Had some fill-in guy who obviously wouldn’t know the history here.

    Matt Jones could be as good as Dan Marino if given the chance!

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    According to them, he could QB like Marino, and play receiver like T.O., too!

  • JS

    Brad – as a regular commenter and reader of LBS, I can assure you that LB takes pokes at all teams and their fans, including his own alma mater.

    When props are due to Arkansas, such as McFadden being the real deal or that great overtime win over LSU, you get them. When what happened with Matt Jones happens, there’s going to be some ripping.

    You really think USC, or U$C or SUC as commentor Driver puts it, doesn’t get ripped? Give me a dime for every O.J. (Simpson or Mayo) slam I’ve read or heard so I can retire comfortably. Not to mention a certain New Orleans Saints running back.

  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    Very few players get drafted to the League for a position they did not play in college. Jones was a great college player but I was shocked when he was being talked up before the draft & more so when the Jags picked him in the 1st rnd.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Brad, I’m not talking about you here since you seem to be quite a reasonable Arkansas fan, as opposed to the much more fervent Hog fans who blew Matt Jones’ talent out of proportion. They way they talked it, he was going to be Randy Moss. As much as I rip, I do admit it’s much nicer to have a passionate fan base that cares about their team rather than an apathetic one, so long as they don’t become overbearing.

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