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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Michael Robinson saves Marshawn Lynch in interview, boss (Video)

Marshawn Lynch’s reluctance to speak with the media has been a storyline in the buildup to the Super Bowl. One of his teammates decided to have some fun with the situation on Wednesday.

Rather than get fined $100,000 for not speaking with the media, Lynch answered some questions from reporters. He was uncomfortable doing so and kept to himself mostly, so teammate Michael Robinson, who was right next to him, decided to step in and help.

Robinson jokingly told the media that he would play intermediary, and he began to answer questions on Lynch’s behalf. He answered questions with responses Lynch would have used, and he punctuated each of his comments with “boss,” the way Marshawn does.

Everyone — from the reporters to Marshawn to Michael — seemed to get a kick out of what happened. It certainly was funny, and credit to Robinson for stepping in to help his buddy, boss.

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