Michelle Beadle no longer a Jets fan after Michael Vick signing

Michelle BeadleNearly five years have passed since Michael Vick was released from prison after he pleaded guilty to bankrolling an interstate dog fighting operation, but that doesn’t mean some people have forgiven him for his actions.

Vick will forever be a dog killer in the eyes of many people. One such person is ESPN personality Michelle Beadle, who had some strong comments after the New York Jets announced that they had signed the free agent quarterback Friday.

You can figure there are many other people in the New York area who feel similarly.

I’ve always said I felt Vick was punished too harshly for his actions when compared to the punishments for other crimes and I’ve long forgiven him. Clearly there are many people who feel differently.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and choices when it comes to being a fan, and Beadle is showing hers. I can’t complain — I stopped being a fan of the Bengals after they signed one too many ex-cons and bad characters.

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  • Steven Keaton

    What other crimes? In most states cruelty to animals is a misdemeanor. So you can torture a puppy and get slapped on the wrist but you can have a bag of weed and get the book thrown at you. It’s the dumbest thing on earth. If what they said was true, that they hung dogs and eloctrocuted them, then how would you hope he gets punished? pay a small fine?

  • Billy__Goat

    Get over it. The guy paid his dept to society and clearly changed his life after that. It kills me the mindset of the weak these days. Back in my day people took their dogs out in the woods and shot them. The same people screaming for rights for dogs are the same ones giving no rights to unborn babies. The value of a human life means nothing today. Case in point show a man on tv get shot in the head you just block it out as another shooting. Shoot a dog in the head on tv and there’s an emotional attachment. The love of pets start because its a relationship of submissiveness. You determine what you want your pet to do. Whether scolding him, walking him, feeding him. He works on your terms and is dependent on you and that empowers an individual. That all works well in a know all society. Perhaps that’s why divorces are an all time high. People can’t co-exist with another human but can with a pet that is submissive and speechless. A pet is a pet a human life is a human life. What he did was wrong but he paid his time. Let it go!