Mike Ditka criticizes Matthew Stafford for wearing hat backwards

Matthew-Stafford-Kelly-HallDetroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is coming off back-to-back seasons in which he has made too many mistakes. After throwing a whopping 41 touchdowns and 16 interceptions in 2011, he threw 20 scores and 17 picks in 2012. This past season, Stafford threw 19 interceptions and 29 touchdowns. The turnovers have to stop, and Mike Ditka alluded to that on Sunday night.

Ditka, an ESPN analyst, said he sees “touches of greatness” in Stafford when he is not making dumb throws. He also said he would like to see Stafford change the way he dresses.

“I think he can make all the throws. He’s a smart kid,” Ditka said, per Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “I wish he’d put the baseball cap on frontwards instead of backwards all the time.”

Here we go again. Last month, a writer took a ton of heat for saying Colin Kaepernick does not act like a professional because he wears his hat backwards. We then shared with you a collage of photos that features Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and others wearing their hats backwards. Ditka apparently has a problem with it.

“If you’re the leader of the football team, I think you’ve got to stand up and be that leader, assume that role,” he said. “A lot of it is what you do on the field, certainly. But I think a little of it has to do with appearance, too. You know, respect the game, respect your team. That’s all.

“I’m not knocking him. I’m just saying that’s the first thing I would tell him if I inherited him. When you’re going to go do an interview, put it on like it’s supposed to be on, not backwards, sidewards, whatever way they put them on anymore.”

As we said with Kaepernick, wearing a backwards hat has nothing to do with being a professional or being prepared. It’s a backwards hat! If Stafford was flashing gang signs or being disrespectful during interviews, Ditka would have a point. Again, it’s a f—–g backwards hat.

Photo via Instagram/Kelly Hall

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  • Steven Keys

    Some valid points by Ditka on “leader(ship),” “respect,” “appearance,” and Matt’s need to make “smart(er)” throws.

    What male between ages 12 – 49 hasn’t worn a hat “backwards” on occasion, including “Brady” & “Rodger?” It’s a style that started as ganger wannabe / rebellious and has become mainstream with very little message attached. But “backwards” as a habit does go to appearance which does speak to the man and what he’s about.

    And keep in mind Steve, this is a man (Mike) who’s ‘been there,’ ‘done that,’ ten times over. His observations on politics I can do without but on football, the NFL and everything connected, Ditka’s words, observations should carry some weight with listeners.

    Mike’s comments shouldn’t be big concern here (like shoveling water against the tide), but shouldn’t ruffle feathers, either. And your declaration in closing (“As we said”) does nothing to persuade, especially when ending with a word like “f–ing.” Only bolsters Mike’s argument.

  • shinyorbs

    geez it’s not like MS is out raping women or robbing banks, its a frickin baseball cap on backwards big whoop

  • David Barry

    tell me again what the guy who’s claim to fame is the 85? Super Bowl can teach us about respect – during ‘his’ Superbowl he leaves one of the most honorable franchise ‘superstar’ men ever on his bench (Sweetness) never to score any points in this momentous FRANCHISE victory, but puts a fat lineman (fridge) in to score ?
    Ditka knows nothing about respect, except for himself

  • sdtex

    What do you mean it’s a “backwards hat”?? There are some Nike hats that are meant to be worn that way, but not a baseball or golf hat. At least backwards is better than sideways, flat billed hats.