Mike Ditka sticks to his guns on Matthew Stafford’s backwards hat

Matthew-Stafford-Kelly-HallMost of us thought Mike Ditka sounded like a complete moron a few months ago when he criticized Matthew Stafford for wearing his hat backwards. But Mike Ditka thought Mike Ditka sounded just fine. How do we know this? Because the former Chicago Bears coach refused to change his stance when discussing Stafford on Monday.

Ditka, who made an appearance on 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit, basically said Stafford needs to turn his hat around because he is representing an NFL team and not a gang.

As we pointed out before, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler and Tony Romo also must have ties to gangs. All of the aforementioned NFL stars have at some point in their careers worn their baseball caps backwards knowing cameras were around. Can you think of anything more disrespectful?

During the NFL playoffs earlier this year, a sports writer said Colin Kaepernick needed to turn his hat around and act like a professional. The fact that a backwards hat in itself is an issue for people like Ditka is truly amazing. He really needs to move on from that subject.

H/T @WorldofIsaac

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  • Brian Roberts

    Omg, Ditka cannot go 2 weeks without criticizing Staffords backwards hat. Dude is either losing his memory or losing his mind.

  • Stephen Burke

    Mr. Ditka is totally correct. THE BILL OF THE CAP GOES TO THE FRONT MORON. And you dont wear a cover inside either.

  • chipramsey

    I agree with Ditka. Besides, he’s 74 years old, of course he’s old school…