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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mike Williams says brother Eric Baylor stabbed him accidentally while wrestling

Mike Williams BucsAs far as police are concerned, the stabbing incident that involved Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams on Sunday is a domestic dispute that ended with a violent act. As the Tampa Bay Times noted, an arrest warrant has been issued for Williams’ 23-year-old brother Eric Baylor on a felony count of aggravated battery and domestic violence.

On Monday morning, Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reported that Williams told Hillsborough County police that Baylor accidentally stabbed him while the two were horsing around and wrestling. Williams reportedly did not want to press charges.

Williams was stabbed in the leg with a kitchen knife and later treated at a nearby hospital. Witness testimonies and evidence that was collected by investigators did not match up with Williams’ claim that he and his brother were simply messing around.

“We are trying to get in contact with the brother to see exactly what happened,” sheriff’s spokeswoman Cristal Bermudez Nunez said. “Witnesses said they were horsing around, but the brother was not on the scene when we arrived.”

You can understand why Williams’ story was hard to believe. If the brothers were rough-housing with a kitchen knife, they have some serious issues. And if it was simply a mistake, why would Baylor flee the scene rather than sticking around to explain what happened with Williams?

As Larry Brown mentioned over the weekend, Williams has had several issues at his home over the past few years. He has been described as a terrible neighbor who had a stripper pole in his living room and would leave the door open during parties. The bashes were so big that cars and mattresses were reportedly left on the lawn.

Obviously, there is more to the story than what Williams has allegedly told police.

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