Mike Zimmer may lead all NFL coaches in cursing (Video)

Mike Zimmer VikingsMike Zimmer was introduced on Friday as the newest head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. After spending the last 14 years as a defensive coordinator, his hiring as a head coach was long overdue.

Zimmer was the defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals from 2008-2013 and regularly had them as one of the tougher units in the league. His teams were in the top nine of the league in points allowed per game in four of his six seasons in Cincinnati. He’s a very good defensive coach and his players respect him.

In addition to leading a good defense, one thing we can expect from Zimmer is for him to also lead the league in cursing. Zimmer first came on our radar in 2010 when he obliterated Bobby Petrino for the way the current Louisville coach ditched the Atlanta Falcons in the middle of the 2007 season. Zimmer was the defensive coordinator on that team and called Petrino “cowardly” and a “gutless (bleep)” for his actions. Zimmer said he didn’t care if newspapers printed the quotes.

That’s just a taste of Zimmer. For more of who he is, watch this video below from the preseason when the Bengals were on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” program. The language is obviously NSFW. His rant to his defense contains three bulls— drops and three f-bombs by our count:

Man, Zimmer is going to be a gem in Minnesota. He says his team is going to be physical and play hard, and I believe him. Now let’s go eat a g-ddamn snack!

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  • Audrey Hoffman

    My old football coach makes Mr. Zimmer look like saint lol. Swearing and any tough physical sport needs a few cuss words from time to time to get your head back in the game. Now swearing at your children etc. that’s when I have a problem with it. Cuss the right way people ;)