Name the Steelers Mascot!

While the front office is busy figuring out the future personnel of the franchise, you can help determine the future of the club as well. How you ask? By naming their new mascot. Via Fark comes this story — the Steelers will be introducing a new mascot — a steelworker. Check out the sweet prize package you get if you win:

The Prize:
4 End Zone field level seats for the Steelers vs. Buffalo game (9/16/07 )
4 VIP Hospitality Tent passes
4 Pre-Game Field Passes
An Authentic Steelers 75th Anniversary game jersey and helmet
1 Parking Pass
1 year of Cricket Wireless Unlimited Phone Service with One MotoKrzr phone
One Blue Tooth wireless headset
One Car Charger
One carrying case

That’s some tight swag. Now…what should we call the dude? My creative juices (not that I had any to begin with) aren’t working. Any suggestions?

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You might also enjoy dancing mascots.

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  • http://psamp.blogspot.com tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson

    first the pens, now the steelers? i smell a legit pittsburgh fan…

  • http://johnness.blogspot.com/ JCN

    He’s like an overgrown version of That Yellow Bastard.

  • sam the gay steelworker

    only teams with no talent need a mascot and cheerleaders. so this is dumb to have a mascot.

  • FAWN


  • Janet Kaszer

    Steeler Fans…
    We have had a bold mascot that has existed since Myron Cope. It is FANS WITH TERRIBLE TOWELS… why do we need a new idea? Why not embrace the old , now and present. Steeler fans everywhere at every game you see a SEA of Terrible towels waving on their team.
    I say melt the the new concept with the passing of the Steel Mills .
    Unless we want to honor Japan or China who now lead the Steel Industry!!! We are Pittsburgh .. a once leading steel town, but our beloved Steelers have been our passion. Let’s keep the pride of theTerrible Towel and honor it for what it stands for. I vote for the terrible towel … I want to know one thing ,,,, where was the advertising for this? I am sure fans everywhere would not have chosen Mr. I look like a Tip toer down the Hershey Highway.
    Are you kidding me? We have real Steeler men to look up to.. Rocky,Mel, Swan, Ward, Miller , etc, Real men we dont’ need a this cartoon embarrassment.

  • http://katiegooglymyspace.com BIGASS

    steely mcbean

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