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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Nate Burleson Reps His Elementary School During Sunday Night Football Intro

It wasn’t quite as funny as Terrell Suggs saying he went to Ball So Hard University, but hearing Nate Burleson shout out his elementary school on Sunday Night Football intros was pretty funny.

After Matt Stafford represented Georgia, Kevin Smith cited Central Florida, and Calvin Johnson mentioned Georgia Tech as their alma maters, Burleson shouted out “Rainier Elementary School.”

We pay a lot of attention to the intros because it’s fun to hear where guys went to school. We’ve thought something was wrong in the past when players neglected to mention their college, but in Nate’s case, it’s pretty clear he was just joking. What’s great is that this wasn’t even Burleson’s best line of the year. This was.

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