Ndamukong Suh doesn’t think reputation as dirty player is fair

Nadmukong Suh is still in denial. The Detroit Lions defensive lineman continues to deny that he is a dirty player despite three years’ of evidence saying otherwise.

Suh knows he has a reputation for being dirty, but he doesn’t think that billing is fair.

“Honestly, I don’t believe it’s fair,” Suh told ESPN’s Merril Hoge in an interview for “NFL Sunday Countdown.”

“A reputation, in my opinion, is something that’s always evolving. You can’t let one particular instance or one particular act, or even one particular year, say this is this person’s reputation,” Suh told Hoge, via MLive.com.

Honestly Suh, your act is just old. People were willing to give you a chance to show that you weren’t dirty, but you continue to prove otherwise.

The first act came in the preseason of Suh’s first game when he ripped off Jake Delhomme’s head. Then there were accusations that Suh taunted an injured Matt Ryan. And then there was the dirtiest play of them all, which came when Suh stomped Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith last Thanksgiving. Suh then capped it all off by kicking Matt Schaub in the groin this Thankgsiving.

By our count, this is at least the fourth time Suh has publicly tried defending his reputation. He shouldn’t even bother anymore. The public doesn’t want to hear what he has to say; it has already made up its mind on him.

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  • Shawn King

    Dirty, Clean, does it matter? Suhs reputation as a dominant Defensive Tackle is the joke. He is a good DT not a great DT. On top of being an average DT he makes poor decisions, he runs his mouth and he causes unnecessary distractions for a struggling team. Focus on football, Focus on becoming a great player, don’t do things on the football field that make you look like an idiot, BE HUMBLE and most inmportantly keep your mouth shut and play football. When you think Detroit Lions you should be thinking about the great players on that team not an average overpaid overly respected defensive tackle that any decent Offensive Tackle or Guard can make irrelavant in a game.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GQ7U6F3RTLH2QWZXO6U5EGL32Y jehman

    Larry Brown, is this the first time you ever wrote a sports article??  You completely suck at looking at facts.  You have bought into the media hype and it is pretty sad to see so many so called writers tow the same old party line.  The modern age of internet may have not killed journalism but it certainly put it on life support.  Get some integrity you fool.

    You have successfully pointed out three incidents in a three year career.  That doesn’t make a reputation.  The silly moronic ramblings of paper yes men like Larry Brown make a reputation and Suh is dead on right that it isn’t fair.  How about this?  Maybe Suh in his freshman year decided to play tough.  He hits QB’s hard and wants to instill fear in them so they make mistakes when they know they are facing him.  You label him as dirty because he went after a QB hard and threw him down.  I can name you 50 players that do/did this on a regular basis, many of them still playing.  His second year he had a stomp on Smith in a high profile game.  Was it wrong? Yes.  Has he apologized? Yes. Profusely.  This year he has had one penalty all year.  Offsides.  What a dirty bastard!  Larry Brown, then only reputation for dirty here is your writing.  You write that he kicked Schuab in the groin like he was standing over the guy and heaved his foot into him.  You are an ignorant writer with little knack or skills for finding the truth.  How about this?  Maybe, just maybe, Suh was dragged down by an offensive lineman (mostly done by holding) and because Suh wants to do his job and harass the QB’s pass he instinstively kicks his leg out to get in the way of the QB while his torso and face are in the turf.  His foot just happens to come down (this happens when you are thrown to the ground) around the area of Schuab’s mid section.  Not even a penalty on the play and if you think the refs aren’t looking at the QB after his throw you are a bigger fool than your writing suggests.  Only after the media sensation unfairly labels this as a deliberate act of unsportsmanship without any thread of proof does the deer in headlights NFL leadership decide they need to fine a player for doing his job.  That is dirty!  Mind you Schuab looked his pass in the whole time.  If he had really gotten nails in the boys there is no way he would have been following the play.  Get real.

    Mind you that Suh wasn’t looking at Smith or at Schuab in either incident.  Yet Brodrick Bunkley kicks a down guy in the head with deliberate intention as he is looking directly at the guy and that doesn’t generate any media storm outside of SF.  You writers villianizing Suh are a sad lot.

    I will say that Shawn King’s comment above is right on.  The question on Suh isn’t about being a dirty player, he hasn’t earned it.  The real question is if he will ever become the dominant player he should be.  He needs to use the crap 2cent writers like Larry Brown churn out and turn it into dominance on the field.